• Chemical Clean: Horn is inspected and disassembled; moderately stuck slides are removed; all parts are cleaned to remove corrosion; mouthpiece is sterilized; tuning slides are lubricated; slide and valve action and alignment are checked; felts and corks are replaced, springs are replaced as necessary.
  • Lead Pipe Replacement
  • Dent Removal
  • Braze (Silver solder)
  • Solder (soft)
  • Valve Casing Adjustment
  • Bent Valve
  • Water Key Spring replacement
  • Amati Water Key Installation
  • Pull Stuck Slides
  • Trombone Slide Action
  • Honing Trombone Slide
  • Trombone Slide Crook replace
  • Replace T-Bone Inside Slide
  • Replace T-Bone Outside Slide
  • Solder Sousa Branch
  • Sousa Dent Removal
  • Restring Rotary Valve & Spatula Adjustment
  • Rotary Valve Adjustment (swedge back bearing plate, and front bearing)